How increased confidence can help you achieve what you want

This may sound like cheesy advice your parents might have given you, but it’s actually true that self-confidence can get you almost anything you want.

That and being yourself.

If you want to date, succeed in your career or otherwise take any aspect of your life to the next level, boosting your increased confidence is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Here’s why.

What does confidence really mean?

If you’ve ever met an alpha male or a woman who seems to have everything under control, you may have noticed that they are usually very confident.

The truth is, the only reason they seem so successful is because of this confidence.

That’s because confidence sends a powerful signal – it says “I consider myself hooked”.

To put it in evolutionary terms, confidence suggests that you are a good potential mate or a better competitor.

Even if someone is short, poorly dressed and unattractive – if they are extremely confident, they will appear to know something you don’t.

And so we immediately assume that this person is somehow our superior: that we should try to impress them, or try to be more like them.

So we lean towards confident people, we want to date them and we want to be liked by them.

Many people don’t realise the importance of self-confidence and think that being nice is enough.

They assume that by behaving nicely they will make people like them and can thus overcome their appearance, attitude or status.

But if you don’t have any confidence and you behave very nicely, it can backfire: it starts to seem like you want something and that you’re a schmuck to get it.

Conversely, if you act a little less needy, if you can show that you are very capable and impressive, and then you talk to someone in a friendly and open way… then people will be convinced of your charm and your appeal.

That kindness seems much more genuine because you look like you don’t need help from everyone.

So guys: stop trying to get a girl by being nice.

Employees, stop trying to get the job by demeaning yourself.

Act like you know your worth, and then add kindness to that. It’s a winning combination!

5 steps to be better you have been laid down below for you to readily reckon.

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