4 tips to improve Instagram tagging

Nothing makes a successful Instagram account.

Success on Instagram is the result of a smart strategy that incorporates many different elements.

One of the most important aspects, though, is to consider the role of hashtags.

Hashtags are some of the most important elements when it comes to gaining new views, getting more likes and generally helping pages grow exponentially.

Here are four tips to help you use them better

Here you will learn how to reach an engaged audience and grow your business.

Use 30

With the option to use up to 30 hashtags, what is the most important tip to get rid of this? Use all 30.

It is like playing the lottery for free.

Why play only once when you can enter 30 times and improve your chances of success by 30 times?

Finding the sweet spot

When you start entering a hashtag, you will see a small preview containing numbered suggestions.

These numbers show how many other people have used that hashtag, which is a brilliant clue as to which one is best to use.

Mistakes? Assuming that the most popular hashtag will automatically be the cleverest option.

This is a mistake.

This is because hashtags that are too popular will drown in other identical posts and will not appear for very long.

Similarly, you don’t need a hashtag that no one is interested in… so find the sweet spot with around 30,000 posts.

Use a range

Having said that, if you go for the biggest niche, the chances of your image being picked up by influential people and causing a fuss are always minimal.

Similarly, using a vague hashtag could mean that an image is searched for months and months on end. So use variety, cover the full range!

Go to topic

Newsjacking means using hashtags that are currently prominent or in the news.

This is a great way to grab attention and find people searching for your images.

Even better is to choose a topic that is currently trending in your niche, or a topic that is just becoming a big topic but is still awash with competition.

Follow these tips and post regularly.

That way, you are on your way to #success.

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