The best places to go for a solo trip

The world is an adventure waiting for you to experience it.

Maybe you’re travelling alone because you don’t have friends who want to travel with you, or because you enjoy the time alone that you don’t get when you travel in a group.

Maybe you have a personal list of destinations and you’re having trouble finding a travel partner who shares your passion for the places you want to explore.

Either way, check out these destinations that welcome single travellers.


Australia is a great destination for those looking for a variety of adventures. Many women travel alone in this country.

From sunny beaches and snorkelling, to exciting big cities, Australia offers endless options for solo travellers.

You can also rent a variety of rooms and private flats there, which means you can save money and live comfortably while you’re away.


Thailand is a great place for solo travellers.

Bangkok in particular is a great place to travel alone, but you’ll find that you won’t feel alone for long there as you’ll meet lots of great people.

Beautiful temples and amazing walking trails are just some of the many activities you can enjoy in this country.


Tanzania has many great experiences awaiting the solo traveller.

Going on safari is a must, but there are many other great adventures – such as trekking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Both places have many companies that offer group tours.

You will find the people staying there very welcoming and will make you feel at home.


Ireland is an interesting country for those who choose to travel alone.

It is normal for women to be there alone and there is no language barrier which makes the journey more manageable.

Even strangers are friendly and if you need instructions or ideas about what to do next, people from Ireland will be happy to help you.

Take time to soak up the beautiful scenery that Ireland has to offer and while you’re there, be sure to visit a few pubs.


Japan is a wonderful country full of great experiences.

The people there are known for their hospitality and you will have no trouble asking for help when you need it.

Consider visiting some of the temples and museums there and enjoy the delicious cuisine, which is often healthy and light.


Spain is another place that is not suitable for travelling alone.

When travelling alone, hotels will usually offer you reasonable rates, which is not the case in all countries.

Short and long study holidays abound in Spain, so it is a great place to travel alone when studying is one of your goals.

Travelling alone is an experience that will help you learn more about yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin and gain new confidence that you are always with you.

If you want to learn more about the world and have a great, memorable time on your trip, consider trying at least one of the locations on this list.

The 12 best places to travel alone

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