5 tips to make your Instagram account grow faster

If you are regularly posting beautiful images to your Instagram account and still not seeing growth, then you may understandably find yourself feeling very frustrated.

You may be thinking that maybe Instagram isn’t the right place for your business.

Maybe you’re doing something wrong? Unfortunately, the truth is that it takes time for Instagram to grow organically.

That said, here are five tips that can make a big difference and ensure you grow faster.

Use portrait orientation

Taking photos in portrait orientation is often considered the best practice for Instagram marketing.

If not, then you should at least opt for square images.

This way, your image will stay on the page longer when users scroll vertically, which means more engagement and hopefully more likes.

Post at the right time of day

Posting at the right time of day has proven to be very important to the success of your Instagram feed.

This way, you can maximise the number of people who are awake and using the app.

Studies have shown that posting at a certain time between 10am and 3pm on a weekday will give you the best results.

But this doesn’t take into account global time differences.

If you are targeting a global audience, then posting at 6pm GMT may be a more sensible strategy.

Posting frequently

How often? Ideally, you should post 2-3 times a day.

This will ensure that you have a steady flow of content on your site and that it looks as if the page has been abandoned.

More importantly, posting this content regularly will mean that almost all viewers will see at least one of your images every day.

Use hashtags

Hashtags make a big difference on Instagram, so make sure you use them regularly and use them well.

One of the most important tips is to use as many as possible (30) to maximise the chances of big success.

Also find the best position in terms of popularity – 30,000 posts are worth a look.

Choosing a look

Many accounts are all over the place and every image they post looks completely different, with the end result being a page with no consistency.

Ensuring that most of your images have a consistent look – or even choosing the same filter for each photo – can prevent this problem and help people better understand what you’re about and whether they should follow.

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